WATCH: Just Desserts Winner Looking For Love (In All The Wrong Places?)

We’re a few years out from Yigit Pura’s Top Chef: Just Desserts win, and our handsome pâtissier has blossomed into quite the dashing young M-I-T (Millionaire-in-Training, for those of you still needing to brush up on Patti Stangerisms). The once impish Pura has all but lost the vestiges of his boyish charms, and now resembles the handsome, rugged, early-thirties gay man every teenage girl dreams of. Be still our hearts.

What better time for Patti to pluck him for a set-up on The Millionaire Matchmaker? Sure, he’s not quite ballin’ in the Millionaire’s Club just yet. But is there anything Bravo loves more than inter-series incestuous guest appearances? No. There is not. Check out a sneak peek of his episode airing tonight below. A warning to sensitive ovaries: he talks about his paternal instincts going into overdrive.

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