Top Chef: Just Desserts Winner Yigit Pura Opens Patisserie In San Francisco

If all you can remember from Top Chef: Just Desserts Season One is being aroused by Johnny Iuzzini’s pompadour/tattoos/domineering way about a bag of icing and that Morgan went on to get busted for kiddie porn, then we’re happy to shine a ray of light back on the season for you. Its winner and possessor of the world’s brightest smile Yigit Pura will open a patisserie in San Francisco next week.

Tout Sweet Patisserie (see what he did there?) will open to the public September 8th, and, from what we hear, Yigit has been incredibly hands on in the kitchen leading up to the grand opening. He’s apparently had a hand in every single dessert coming out and still finds time to float around the staff bestowing such encouraging sentiments like “frosting is not a word” and “soggy meringue is never sexy.”

Yigit is like Bravo’s own personal sugar plum fairy. Although, damn if we don’t miss that other guy and his cocaine disco dust.


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