You Can Live in Bobby Flay’s Apartment

Want to live like a celebrity chef? Now you can. Sort of.

You won’t be famous or get any of the perks, or the delicious food. But you can have the kitchen. And the living room and the bedroom. Or, more accurately, the three bedrooms. Bobby Flay‘s Chelsea apartment is now rentable, according to the New York Post, for a cool $22,500 per month, plus whatever you end up spending at the Whole Foods that’s right downstairs.

The duplex is located in the Chelsea Mercantile, which is at 252 Seventh Ave., so while  it’s probably an awesome apartment, it’s dangerously close to Penn Station. On the bright side, you’d be really close to Mario Batali‘s new food hall, The Pennsy.

It seems like Flay is getting desperate. Following his brutal divorce from Stephanie March, he put the condo up for sale for $7.85million. This was only in October, but clearly he wants out ASAP.

Any takers?

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