Meet Your Top Chef Winner!


World, meet Jeremy Ford, the newest member of the Top Chef winners club. Jeremy, season 13’s resident bro used the word bro a lot, pitched a concept called Taco Dude, and is a single dad who is totally in love with his daughter. He won the most challenges of the season, but somehow flew under the radar until later in the season. Lots of people thought Kwame Onwuachi would win. I was always team Marjorie Meek-Bradley. Jeremy was always a solid competitor, but I never really thought about him. Until he said it, I barely remembered that he won any challenges, let alone the most.

He’s been in the culinary world for a while. He started when he was 16 years old in Florida at Mathews in Jacksonville. Then, he moved to Los Angeles to work at L’Orangerie to work under executive chef Christopher Eme, where he learned classic French cooking. From there, he moved on to work at Patina under chef Joachim Splichal. His most recent position is as executive chef at Matador Room, a Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant.

Jeremy won three elimination challenges this season (including the first one, which as Amar Santana mentioned this episode is generally predictive of the winner) and three Quickfire challenges.

We have to admit, we were already kind of knew he won because an Instagram post by Chef’s Club by Food & Wine clued us in.


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