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Zagat Visits Guy Fieri’s New Restaurant, Drowns In Pun Overload

Image Credit: FacebookWell, that was quick! The lovely folks at Zagat put their reputations as Serious Food People on the line and visited Guy’s American Kitchen + Bar for lunch today. It’s the very first day that Guy Fieri’s Times Square monster restaurant is open for business, so the experience is probably going to be very different over time. But how did James Mulcahy find it?

Not only are there misspelled words all over the place (a sign at the entrance which says “Welcome 2 Flavor Town” is only the beginning), a big percentage of the menu is comprised of puns. “Guy-Talian Nachos,” for instance, does not have actual pieces of Guy Fieri, but mashes up his love of pizza toppings with his love of fatty nachos.

The review comes with pictures, and their verdict? Though it’s nowhere near the highest quality of food available in NYC, “tourists could do a lot worse with some of the other joints in Times Square.” We heartily agree, and warn people to avoid the Times Square Applebee’s at all costs, where we’ve known many friends to fall ill after their parents came in from out-of-town and dragged them there, refusing to eat fancy frou-frou stuff.



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