Brian Kilmeade Blasts Trump’s ‘Stunning and Irresponsible’ Syria Withdrawal: Nobody Thinks ISIS is Defeated


The solid foundation of support provided to President Donald Trump by the very supportive Fox & Friends appears to be showing some cracks.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade did not hold back in criticizing the Commander in Chief’s stunning announcement via Twitter plans to withdrawal 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria, saying it was “stunning and irresponsible” and blindsided Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis.

In a Wednesday Tweet, Trump announced that “We have defeated ISIS in Syria” as an explanation for the troop withdrawal:

As many commentators have pointed out, in no way has ISIS been “defeated” in Syria — contrary to what is heard on Fox News. On Wednesday, Reuters reported that ISIS militants in Syria had killed 700 prisoners in two months, according to a watchdog. The Defense Department estimated the number of ISIS members in Syria and Iraq as high as 30,000.

Kilmeade also seems to believe Trump’s claim that ISIS is defeated is specious, saying “Nobody thinks that ISIS is defeated. Nobody who understands who was born after 2000 who sees what’s happened after 9/11, understands.” He then cited recent comments made by Trump’s personal envoy who just said in a recent speech that “ISIS is there. They are still a factor. They are far from defeated. There are 30,000 there.”

Co-host Ed Henry defended Trump, saying  he’s enjoyed “more gains against ISIS than any other president.” But Kilmeade pushed back, noting that these gains are “temporary, these guys melt away, you need a presence.” He then called the entire situation “worse than blurring the red line.”

On Wednesday Fox & Friends viewers saw co-host Steve Doocy react remarkably negatively to Trump’s apparent caving over the government shutdown and border wall funding. On Thursday, Kilmeade hits the White House on foreign policy.

All of this raises the question: If Trump loses the support of Fox News, who else does he have?

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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