Fox & Friends: ‘Stunning’ that Pelosi Outmaneuvered Trump on Border Wall and Govt. Shutdown


Fox & Friends commented on the “stunning turn of events” in which the White House appears to have been outmaneuvered over border wall funding and a threatened government shutdown if that funding was not allocated.

In a dramatic televised Oval Office conversation with Democratic congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer last week, President Donald Trump publicly threatened a government shutdown if he did not receive the $5 billion requested to build the border wall that was so central to his presidential campaign. But if the latest reports from Capitol Hill are correct, a compromise funding bill will avoid a Christmas-time government shutdown and fail to fund the wall that Trump has sought.

Coming off a report by Griff Jenkins regarding a congressional emergency continuing resolution (also known as a CR) that will keep the federal agencies operating,  Steve Doocy put this development in proper context saying “what a stunning turn of events.”

He then appeared to criticize the president saying “if he agrees to the CR, which would continue funding the government at the current levels, he won’t get one point anything for the wall, and the sky-high funding from the Congress, which he ran against when he was running for president, is going to continue.”

Doocy put a finer point on his lament saying of Trump “He loses and the Democrats will win.”

Because Democrats are taking over the House in the coming year, Doocy added “he will not get a dime” for the border wall “unless he gets it this week.”

Watch the segment above courtesy of Fox News.


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