Joe Lockhart: ‘Extremely Dysfunctional’ White House About to Get Hit Hard By Democratic House Oversight


“Presidential harassment” versus “responsible legislative oversight” will surely be a constant cable news narrative in the coming year as Democrats take control of the House of Representatives and President Donald Trump is forced to checks and balances as the original framers of the Constitution had intended.

Joe Lockhart explained how this might unfold during a Friday appearance on CNN’s New Day.  The former White House Press Secretary under President Bill Clinton, said that he wasn’t sure the Trump administration knows “what is about to hit them.”

“This is an extremely dysfunctional White House, and the counsel’s office is not an exception,” he explained, before digging the Republican-led oversight. “They had no oversight in the last two years. The committees have given them a complete pass.”

Lockhart’s past experience in a White House that has had to deal with shifting political winds sets his sober and dispassionate commentary apart from the standard cable news punditry. He is clearly a Democrat but his insights here are not built on talking points, but instead on the legislative and political machinations in the nation’s capital.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.


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