Sam Stein: Trump Has Told So Many Different Lies It’s Impossible to Believe Him

Sam Stein is the Politics Editor at The Daily Beast and an MSNBC contributor. On Friday’s episode of Morning Joe: The one about Michael Cohen’s ABC interview, Mr. Stein put the challenge of tracking President Donald Trump‘s shifting explanations of hush money payments in the starkest of terms.

Stein said to host Joe Scarborough of Trump “one of the problems he clearly has is he’s told so many different lies about this situation that it’s incredibly impossible to believe him right now.”

It’s true. It is really hard to figure out Trump’s position on these hush money payments because he has changed his story so many times.

Not much more to say than that, but felt that Stein’s very simple observation needed to amplified by And so here we are.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.


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