Ainsley Earhardt Reminds Fox & Friends Viewers That a Majority Support Trump Impeachment Inquiry


Things got awkward when Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt had to remind her colleagues — and Viewer-in-Chief President Donald Trump — that a majority of Americans support the impeachment inquiry that is proceeding apace in the House of Representatives.

On Tuesday’s edition of Trump’s favorite morning cable news show, co-host Brian Kilmeade brought up a new New York Times/Sienna College poll, saying the “revealing” survey showed that “By about a 10-point margin, those in battleground states polled are against impeaching the president,” and added “if Nancy Pelosi doesn’t take note of that, she’s not the astute, maybe she is the third rate politician.”

“They’re for the inquiry, but against impeachment,” Earhardt chimed in.

“A majority is for the..” co-host Steve Doocy began, then paused awkwardly before adding “Right, the inquiry. But do not want him impeached and removed from office, and it also said that I think 94% of the people in these battleground States who voted for President Trump want him to continue as president, they’re squarely in his corner.”

Earhardt then quickly pivoted to Hillary Clinton and “the dossier.”

Later in the show, Doocy brought up the same poll, and made note of Earhardt’s correction by saying “However we should point out that they do support the impeachment inquiry by 5 points. I believe it’s 45 to 50. But ultimately at the end of the day, okay let’s go ahead and have the investigations, see what they find, and ultimately they don’t want him removed from office.”

Earhardt is correct, that NY Times poll does show a bare majority of Americans in support of the impeachment inquiry, but as Doocy later alluded, the 53 percent who oppose removal now do so without the benefit of a completed impeachment inquiry.

And this poll only measured voters in six states. A new national CNN poll finds 50 percent support for impeachment and removal, versus 43 percent who “don’t feel that way.” Support for impeaching former President Richard Nixon did not reach 50 percent until the week he resigned.

However, the news was good enough for Trump, who tweeted about the segment by surgically removing Earhardt’s reminder, and misattributing the Hillary Clinton remark along the way.

Watch the clips above, via Fox News.

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