comScore Ana Navarro Blasts Goya CEO as 'MyPillow Guy of Frioles'

Ana Navarro Scorches Goya CEO for Pushing Election Fraud Conspiracy at CPAC: He’s the ‘MyPillow Guy of Frijoles

Former Republican political strategist Ana Navarro called out Goya’s CEO, Robert Unanue, for once again promoting the “big lie” election fraud conspiracy during his speech at CPAC this past weekend.

During a segment on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, Navarro lit up after he host played a clip of the pro-Trump executive, in which Unanue grew effusive by noting to the CPAC crowd he was on a stage where Trump would soon address the crowd, and then outright lied by calling the former president the “legitimate, still actual president.” Unanue, who ignited an anti-Trump backlash — and then a conservative counter-backlash — after he gushed over the then-president at a White House event last summer.

“My reaction to Robert Unanue, is a guy who won the birthing lottery,” Navarro fired back. “That’s how he has his position. The board of Goya, which includes a lot of hired relatives I assume, told him no more talking about politics. He said he wasn’t going to do it and then we see him show up at CPAC to continue reading the big lie.”

“Why is it a problem for people like me? Because,  look, he’s not there cause of his pretty face. Or because of his brilliance or because of his elected office,” she added. “He’s there because he’s the CEO of a very successful company that has been made successful by people like me buying his croquetas, his tamales, and his frijoles. And he has go on to become the MyPillow guy of frijoles negros and it is incredibly offensive that after what we saw January 6th, this man would use that platform, given by people like me who’ve been buying his food to spread the big lie that caused injury and death on January 6th.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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