Andy Ngo: Men Wearing Masks of My Face Terrorized Family on Halloween


Writer Andy Ngo claimed, Friday, that a gang of men wearing masks of his face turned up at his family’s house on Halloween and terrorized them.

“These 6 individuals wearing print-out masks of my face approached my family’s home last night, repeatedly rang doorbell, pounded on window, recorded footage of property & gestured at cameras,” posted Ngo on Twitter. “There were no candy bags. This follows their doxing of my elderly mom’s small business.”

In home security footage which was posted to Twitter, the men can be seen pushing the doorbell, saying “trick or treat,” banging on the door, and staring at the security cameras in a manner not too dissimilar from the masked gang in the 2013 horror movie The Purge.

In a statement to the Post Millenial, an online news publication for which Ngo serves as the editor-at-large, the writer declared, “This is the latest addition to a long list of antifa-related individuals doxing, threatening, and promising to hurt or kill me or my family.”

Earlier this year, Ngo, a prominent critic of Antifa, received media attention after he was assaulted by protesters in Portland and hospitalized with a brain haemorrhage.

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