Ann Coulter Urges the New York Times to ‘Stop Obsessing’ Over Trump: He’s ‘Done’


Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter has said she is officially done with former President Donald Trump and wants for the left-leaning media to be done with him too.

“Trump is done,” Coulter wrote in an email to The New York Times. “You guys should stop obsessing over him.”

Coulter’s comment was the latest in a long line of Trump-bashing from the one-time Trump loyalist. Coulter was such a die-hard Trump supporter she even wrote a 2016 book titled: In Trump We Trust.

Coulter’s comments were published Sunday in a New York Times article chronicling the recent media spat between Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Trump amid the possibility of both seeking the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

Coulter weighed in on the battle last week, which at the time was focused around Trump calling out leaders who hadn’t yet publicly revealed their Covid-19 booster shot status – DeSantis included.

Coulter tweeted:

EXCLUSIVE: Trump is demanding to know Ron DeSantis’s booster status, and I can now reveal it. He was a loyal booster when Trump ran in 2016, but then he learned our president was a liar and con man whose grift was permanent. I hope that clears things up.

Coulter’s main gripe with Trump has been over immigration, she savaged the former president over the issue on a podcast in November. Speaking with Andrew Sullivan, Coulter accused Trump of betraying his base by not following through on promises to crack down on immigration and finish the wall on the southern border.

Coulter and Trump have been trading barbs since the Spring of 2020 when she called him a “disloyal actual retard” on Twitter for not following through on the wall and for attacking his own Attorney General at the time, Jeff Sessions, who she claimed was “the ONE PERSON in the Trump administration who did anything about immigration.”

Then-President Trump hit back, calling her a “Wacky Nut Job.”

Coulter shared more details about her break with Trump to Sullivan, saying it’s because “he not only betrays them [the base], but he lies to them.” She added that a lot of the people who attacked her during the years she went after Trump are “totally on the same page with me now, they pretend they never denounced me.”

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