Anthony Scaramucci: Trump Aides Are Too Afraid To Confront Him Over Tweets

White House staffers take issue with President Donald Trump’s rhetoric, but are too afraid to confront him, Anthony Scaramucci told Yahoo News Friday.

“If the president is now surrounded by people that are not going to tell him the truth, and they’re gonna confirm his biases, which may not be correct, that’s a recipe for disaster,” said Scaramucci, though he assured the president is “not really a racist.”

“I’ve heard from people inside the White House, I’ve heard from people who are unbelievably close to the president, like no daylight between them and the president… I’ve heard from people in congress, people in the cabinet, but they’re all fraidy cats,” said Scaramucci.

Republican leaders have been largely silent on the president’s “go back” tweets, his tweets against Baltimore and Rep. Elijah Cummings, and the “send her back” chants.

Scaramucci said he’s “shocked” more Republicans haven’t spoken out. “They know that it’s not the right thing,” he said. “The president likes to double down on stuff and he never likes to apologize, but down deep, he’s got to know too because he’s really not a racist.”

Scaramucci disapproved of the constant debate over whether the “leader of the free world” is a racist, but suggested Trump should change his words to avoid accusations.

Listen to the podcast here, where Scaramucci’s “fraidy cat” comments come between 13:30-15:45.


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