comScore Ben Smith Busts Ivanka Trump for Being Interviewed By Morgan Ortagus

Ben Smith Busts Ivanka Trump for Being Interviewed By State Dept. Flack Instead of Actual Journalist at Forum

Buzzfeed Editor in Chief Ben Smith called out First Daughter and Senior White House Adviser Ivanka Trump for being interviewed by State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus instead of an actual journalist, unlike other participants at the Dohar Forum.

Ms. Trump appeared Saturday at the forum, where she fielded questions from Ortagus, whom Smith noted is also a former Fox News personality.

“Ivanka being interviewed by *State Dept PR person*, a former Fox News contributor, at the #DohaForum. Never quite seen anything like it,” Smith wrote, and added “Other, higher ranking figures, including the Malaysian PM and Turkish foreign minister, did tough interviews with journalists.”

Smith then began tweeting some of the “grilling” that Trump received at Ortagus’ hands.

Watch Ivanka Trump’s performance at the forum above via The Dohar Forum.

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