Bernie Sanders Armchair Analyzes Trump to Colbert: Not Sure ‘He Knows the Difference Between Lying and Truth-Telling’


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders didn’t hold back during his appearance on CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, blasting President Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal as “an outrage on top of an outrage” and offering his own layman’s analysis of how Trump’s mind works: “I’m not sure he knows the difference between lying and truth-telling.”

Colbert led off the interview by jokingly asking Sanders if he was “at all insulted” that Trump didn’t try to get dirt on his candidacy from Ukraine, alluding to the widening scandal that has engulfed the White House and launched a new front in the impeachment battle.

“What am I chopped liver?” Colbert wondered on Sanders’ behalf, while the candidate laughed.

“Well, what I’m thinking is he’s probably the most corrupt president in the modern history of this country,” Sanders replied to applause. “I think this Ukrainian business, using national security money designed to protect the people of America — and use that as leverage to try to get dirt on a political opponent, and then trying to cover that it up, this is an outrage on top of an outrage, and I think this is kind of taking millions of people to say, you know what? Enough is enough with this guy.”

“I honestly believe — I’m not a psychiatrist here — but I honestly believe…” Sanders began, before Colbert cut in, saying: You look like a psychiatrist, I want you to know.”

Not missing a beat, Sanders played along: “Lie down and we’ll talk about your problems.”

Having nailed the punchline, though, Sanders turned serious.

“I’m not sure he knows the difference between lying and truth telling,” he explained. “I doubt very much that he understands what the Constitution of the United States of America is about, I don’t think he understands that we have an Emoluments Clause which says you cannot enrich yourself when you’re president, I don’t know that he understands that. He grew up as a very rich kid, I think he’s a spoiled brat, and I think he thinks he can do anything that he wants to do.”

Watch the video above, via CBS.

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