Bernie Sanders Drops the Hammer on Politico Over Profile Calling Him ‘Cheap’: ‘It’s an Anti-Semitic Article’

Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders came down hard on Politico over a profile that described him as “cheap” and featured loaded imagery, telling an interviewer “Call that what it is. It’s an anti-Semitic article.”

This weekend, The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur posted an interview in which he asked Sanders about a recent Politico article that trafficked in a number of anti-Semitic tropes, and which was heavily criticized by several senior Sanders advisers and allies.

“So, when the right wing pushes back against the media, and they pretend that they have a liberal bias, which I think is hilarious,” Uygur said, “the media reaction is to say sorry, and they go out of their way to appease them.”

“When you talk about an establishment bias, or progressives talk about an establishment bias that the New York Times has when they run that article on Central America,” Uygur continued, referring to a story that resulted in a contentious interview with Sanders, “or Politico has when they run the article about your so-called wealth, and…”

“Call that what it is,” Sanders interrupted. “It’s an anti-semitic article.”

“Yes,” Uygur agreed, “And when they run that, and when CNN does all this positive coverage about how Buttigieg speaks seven languages but does nothing but negative attacks against you, do they ever respond? Do they ever acknowledge, oh I understand what you’re saying, that I have an establishment bias, but I don’t agree, or are they just like no, my perspective is the perspective, and since you don’t match it as a progressive, of course the correct thing to do is to be opposed to you?”

“I think the latter is the case,” Sanders said. “I think they live in a certain world. It is a world of inside the beltway pundits, it is a world that has not a clue about what working people and lower income people are experiencing. In fact, really don’t care about working people and lower income people. It is a world which completely missed what Donald Trump’s campaign was about, and misses, in fact, what we are trying to do, and what we will do.”

Politico deleted one tweet promoting the article by calling Sanders “cheap,” but replaced it with a half-dozen tweets featuring Sanders pictured next to a tree with hundred-dollar bills for leaves.

Watch the full interview above, via TYT.

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