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Bernie Sanders Says He Has Not Been Tested for Coronavirus But Trump Should Be

Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders told reporters that he has not been tested for coronavirus, and separately said that President Donald Trump should get tested and release the results, given his recent contact with an infected individual.

On Friday afternoon, Senator Sanders held his second press event in as many days to speak about the coronavirus pandemic, during which he took a number of questions from reporters.

One of those reporters asked Sanders “Have you ever felt the need to get tested for the coronavirus?”

“No, I have not,” Sanders said, and added “Thank God I don’t have any of the symptoms, to the best of my knowledge I have not interacted with anybody who has the virus, so in a time when people are desperately trying to get into the testing, I don’t want to put myself in front of anybody else.”

Later in the press conference, another reporter pointed out that Trump “has been in close proximity to people who have tested positive for the coronavirus,” and asked “Would you suggest that the president get tested himself and release those results?”

“I would,” Sanders said, adding “I was asked early on to the best of my knowledge I have not been in proximity to somebody who had the virus. If I knew that I was, I would get tested and I think that holds true for the president, and I think as president he has the right to release that information.”

Earlier on Friday, leading coronavirus task force expert Dr. Anthony Fauci similarly said that someone who had been exposed in the way Trump has ought to get tested, but diplomatically said that decision should be between Trump and the White House physicians.

Watch the clip above via Bernie Sanders for President.

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