Biden Addresses Kamala Harris Hitting Him With a 2×4 at First Debate: ‘I Thought We Were Friends’

Former Vice President Joe Biden was asked about his relationship with Kamala Harris since their contentious debate performance, and Biden said “I thought we were friends, I hope we still will be.”

On Thursday morning’s edition of The Tom Joyner Morning Show, co-host Sybil Wilkes asked Biden how things have been going with Harris since she destroyed him at the first Democratic debate.

“Have you and Senator Harris talked since the last situation that you had at the debates?” she asked.

“I think I saw her in passing, I think at the fish fry, Jim Clyburn, said hi to her,” Biden said, adding “Look, we were, no I’m serious look, we, I thought we were friends, and I hope we still will be.”

“You know, she asked me to go out and called me and asked me to go to her convention and be the guy from outside of California to nominate her at her convention for the Senate seat,” Biden continued. “I did. We’ve talked, we’ve worked a lot together, she and my son Beau were attorneys general who took on the banks.”

“But I think the fish fry was before the debate, if I’m not mistaken,” Wilkes pointed out. It was.

“Well, I can’t remember, I did see her, it was cordial, but I have to admit to you I was a little surprised,” Biden said.

Listen above, via The Tom Joyner Morning Show.

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