Biden Campaign Goes OFF on Iowa Caucus Chaos, and Other Candidates ‘Putting Out Incomplete Information’


Biden for President Deputy Campaign Manager and Communications Director Kate Bedingfield criticized Iowa over the chaos surrounding Monday night’s caucuses and the state’s lack of diversity, while also slamming rival campaigns for “putting out incomplete information.”

On Tuesday morning’s edition of CNN’s New Day, the top spokesperson for former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign ripped the Iowa Democratic Party for their handling of the state’s botched caucus results, telling anchor John Berman, “We have real concerns about the integrity of the process,” and that “there were some significant failures in the process last night that should give voters concern.”

Citing the problems with the reporting app and the system for calling in results, Bedingfield said that “election integrity is obviously of the utmost importance, and “We really want to make sure that the Iowa Democratic Party addresses this before they put out official data.”

Bedingfield also took a shot at Iowa’s lack of diversity — where 91 percent of caucus-goers were white according to entry polls — telling Berman, “We’ve always said that the nomination runs through Nevada, South Carolina, Super Tuesday, places where the electorate is more diverse. So we’re moving forward.”

Berman asked if the Biden campaign is only complaining because they don’t like the likely results, and Bedingfield shared some points from the campaign’s “internal data” that suggested the former VP had performed better than expected. “Our internal data shows we won precinct 72 in Des Moines, which is a precinct Bernie Sanders won in 2016 with 66% of the vote,” she said.

But she also criticized “campaigns putting out incomplete data that doesn’t paint a full picture.”

Berman asked if Iowa should be allowed to go first in the future, and Bedingfield replied: “I think anybody who watched that process last night would have some concerns with how that played out.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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