Bill Hemmer Praises ‘Careful Language’ of Trump’s Typo-Ridden Tweets on Iran Attack


Friday morning the president unleashed a series of typo-ridden tweets explaining his last-minute reversal of the decision to bomb three different sites in Iran.

“What I find interesting about the tweets that we read live 45-50 minutes ago is that they came out in a series. They weren’t scattered, which tells you it was very careful language used in when dealing with matters like these, it’s evident, you find in the wording there,” said Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer.

PSA: It’s safe to say that under no circumstances should a Donald Trump tweet be referred to as “very careful language.”

Aside from random, mid-sentence capitalization which he seems to have branded for himself, the president wrote ‘I.8 billion dollars’ in the first tweet in the series, probably meaning 1?

In the next tweet, he wrote: “they are a much weakened nation.” Mr. President, how about “far weaker”?

In the third tweet, he said, “We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights,” presumably meaning to refer to a place, ‘site’ rather than vision, ‘sight,’ as if “cocked and loaded wasn’t cringe-worthy enough.

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