BREAKING: Police Shoot Suspect in London Bridge Knife Attack (UPDATED)


LATEST: A “major incident” took place on London Bridge on Friday when reports of shots being fired quickly developed into news that police evacuated and locked down the bridge. Eventually police confirmed that a suspect has been shot and detained, and reports indicated a knife attack.


The story rapidly developed on social media. Both Sky News and the BBC initially tweeted that there were reports of shots fired, as individual Twitter users uploaded video directly from the scene.

UPDATE 1: Fox has just reported that police confirm “multiple” people were stabbed in the incident.

UPDATE 3: BELOW, find links to video from civilians who were on the bridge, apparently filming the incident from a London bus.

Within about 25 minutes, as Fox News reported, police told reporters that at least one suspect may have been killed.

One BBC reporter described seeing a “group” of men in a fight. Other reports on Twitter also stated a fight on the scene, but police told Sky News they are treating this as a “major incident”, though they did not say whether they are investigating it as a terror incident.

Here’s more from both BBC and Sky.

Twitter users have posted video of what appears to be police on the bridge, weapons drawn, and someone on the pavement. A second video posted to social media shows what appears to be police shooting someone after breaking up a fight. The videos have been referenced in news reports, including the Fox News report above, but has not been verified or authenticated by police.

Video of police, guns drawn. CONTENT WARNING.
Apparent clip of police shooting at suspect. CONTENT WARNING.

UPDATE 4: British Home Secretary Priti Patel has tweeted, saying she is “very concerned” by the incident at London Bridge.

UPDATE 5: London Mayor Sadiq Khan is meeting with metro police commissioner.

UPDATE 6: Air ambulance dispatched.

UPDATE 7: Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke on the attack and said, “Anybody involved in this crime and these attacks will be hunted down and will be brought to justice.”

UPDATE 8: The BBC is reporting two people have died.

UPDATE 9: Authorities have confirmed to the media that 2 people are dead and 3 others have been hospitalized.

This story is developing and will be updated periodically.

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