comScore Trump Endorses House Democrats' Coronavirus Response Bill

BREAKING: Trump Endorses House Democrats’ Coronavirus Response Bill

Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump post a Twitter thread endorsing the House Democrats’ coronavirus response bill on Friday night, all but assuring its passage through Congress by early next week when the Senate returns.

The bill, negotiated between Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, had been announced as completed earlier on Friday, but then the deal was threatened by House Republicans who expressed displeasure about the legislation. Included in the bill are provisions for universal free testing for the coronavirus, expanded Medicaid spending, and federal reimbursement of two weeks of paid sick, family, and medical leave. Trump’s signature stimulus idea, a payroll tax holiday through December 2020, was not in the bill.

Saying that he was going to “fully support” the House Democrats’ bill, Trump encouraged “all Democrats and Republicans to come together and VOTE YES” and said he would “look forward to signing the final bill, ASAP!”

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