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Brian Stelter and Guests Debate Social Media ‘Censorship’: ‘Whatever Happened to Meet Terrible Speech With More Speech?’

CNN’s Brian Stelter and a panel debated the trend of tech companies putting out bans on extremist content on social media, with Stelter asking “whatever happened to meet terrible speech with more speech?”

“Every week, there’s news about a tech company banning accounts. This week, it’s been YouTube announcing they’re going to ban white supremacist content, Nazi content, also videos showing proven atrocities,” Stelter noted.

But he also pointed out “there’s been a backlash and some problems with the way it’s being enforced. Some educational videos about these issues have also been removed and banned.”

“I think erring on the side of not censoring is generally the best position, especially when censoring includes educational information, facts, history,” S.E. Cupp noted. “I find it particularly jarring, though, that the people begging corporations to censor this are mostly journalists.”

Journalist Irin Carmon countered Cupp’s point. “Journalists exercise editorial judgment every day … that’s not censorship, that’s deciding what’s good quality content.”

“Whatever happened to meet terrible speech with more speech?” Stelter asked.

“The recommendation engine of YouTube takes us into a new territory,” Carmon argued. “The recommendation engine of YouTube is driving people towards ever-more extreme content. That’s an editorial curation that they’re doing.”

Stelter agreed with the point, saying “the algorithm is able to radicalize people.”

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