Cenk Uygur Says ‘Don’t Get Mad at Bernie’ for Endorsing Biden: ‘He Has To!’


Progressive internet host Cenk Uygur tried to slake viewer frustration by urging them not to be “mad at” Bernie Sanders for endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy, and even conceded he will probably vote for Biden — absent “pom-poms.”

The pioneering host of The Young Turks delivered a raw take on the endorsement minutes after it happened with a direct-to-camera commentary in which his first concern was shielding Sanders from the bitterness of supporters who light be disappointed in the quick endorsement.

Uygur began by rhetorically asking “You know what I owe Joe Biden?” and rhetorically replying “Nothing, nothing at all,” then went on a lengthy digression about Bernie’s late endorsement of Hillary Clinton in 2016 and assured viewers “we don’t love Donald Trump,” before explaining the particulars of Sanders’ endorsement of Biden.

“So it is possible to say I will be voting against Donald Trump, I will be voting for the credible candidate who has a chance to beat him in 7 months, and by that time it’ll be exceedingly obvious who that credible candidate is,” Uygur said, enigmatically adding “Right now, theoretically it’s a little bit more open, by then it’ll be very clear.”

“Does that mean I have to endorse him? No,” Uygur said, then implored viewers “Bernie, don’t get mad at Bernie. That’s crazy to get mad at him. He has to endorse him. He said he would, and he is in the Democratic party and he ran, I know he’s technically an independent but he ran as a Democrat for president, of course he’s got to endorse Biden. If you don’t get that, you’re just not understanding just day-to-day politics.”

He went on to say that he wished Sanders had been tougher in the primaries, but that’s “water under the bridge,” and now “he’s got to endorse. But do we? Do you? No, you could vote for the guy without endorsing.”

Uygur said Biden clears the bar for being better than Trump, “but pom poms are not required.”

After slamming Biden’s record, Uygur asked the rhetorical questions “What is Biden’s hope for getting enthusiasm from you guys?” and “what can Biden do, whether it’s getting so-called progressive leaders’ endorsements, or much more importantly your enthusiasm?”

“Mainstream media, establishment Democrats, buckle up, brace for impact, cuz you’re not going to like this at all: He can change his policies,” Uygur said.

But seconds later, he detailed several policy changes that Biden has made in an effort to court Sanders voters, and then declared them inadequate. Uygur also praised the task forces that Biden and Sanders announced during the endorsement video, provided they bear actual results rather than lip service.

Watch the commentary above via The Young Turks.

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