Chris Cuomo Slams ‘Fox Farce’ Pushing ‘Overrated’ Pandemic: ‘I Guess the Anti-Elitists Over There Are OK With 10,000 More Dead’


Chris Cuomo closed his Tuesday night show by unleashing a series of blistering attacks on Sen. Rand Paul, President Donald Trump, and Fox News, for recklessly dismissing the risk of the Covid-19 pandemic and fostering a highly politicized response to public health lockdowns and reopening the economy.

Dovetailing off of Sunday being Mother’s Day, Cuomo invoked the holiday to argue that the nation’s leaders need to embrace more of that familial spirit to take on the challenge of the outbreak. But he was quick to pivot to calling out those he claimed were undermining that necessary mindset.

“We take care of family because we’re devoted to something bigger than them or us. The cause of the collective,” Cuomo said. “But right now the American family is in a period of dysfunction, we’re strained and acting strangely. Ten thousand more Americans could die by August because so many places are relaxing social distancing? What happened to no man left behind? Now it’s 10,000 is okay? Look, it’s common sense that that’s what would happen. You don’t need the models to tell you that, if you stop social distancing. That’s why those who attack this reality do it with snark and cynical self-interest, like Senator Rand Paul did today.”

Cuomo then played a clip of Paul at Tuesday’s Senate hearing, where he urged schools to return next fall, downplayed the virus by comparing its death toll in Kentucky to the seasonal flu’s and then falsely claimed Dr. Anthony Fauci has tried to act as the “end-all” of deciding when to reopen the economy.

“Remember, that beard, that’s Paul’s Covid beard. He had the virus,” Cuomo reminded viewers. “He still seems to be suffering from a type of sickness, but one of the soul. Does he really think that he has no obligation to anyone but his state?”

“America’s never won by going every man and woman for themselves. Only when we are all in do we win,” Cuomo added, before throwing a shot at Trump’s empty boast on testing the day before. “We are not prevailing. Not until we show the desperation to get tracing and testing. Until that, we’ll be failing, because we’re failing to give the truth to the people which will give them the trust they need to reopen. You can’t wish a virus away. It won’t miraculously disappear.”

“The president traces and tests every damn day,” Cuomo pointed out, ratcheting up his attack. “And everyone around him has a mask on. Now, he doesn’t because he wants to keep up the Fox farce, this BS that Covid-19’s ‘overrated.’ I guess the anti-elitists over there are OK with 10,000 more dead. These liars and race-baiters want you to think Fauci is not to be believed, that social distancing is about stealing your freedom.”

All three Fox News primetime hosts have frequently pushed back or dismissed public health experts who have advised a go-slow approach to ending the nationwide lockdowns — and only after the country’s testing capability ramps up considerably. Perhaps the strongest anti-Fauci voice on the network is Tucker Carlson, who attacked Fauci in early April for advocating an extended national lockdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus that was killing 2,000 Americans a week at the point, saying that the Trump official was effectively calling for “national suicide.” On Monday, the Fox host reprised his anti-Fauci rhetoric, casting doubt on the infectious diseases expert by saying he appears to be “a political man.” Carlson further escalated his attacks on Fauci on Tuesday night, barely more than an hour before Cuomo’s scathing rebuttal.

“Remember what your mother told you about people who have nothing good to say. They should say nothing at all,” Cuomo concluded. “But more importantly, remember what our moms taught us in their own glorious example of love and action through giving, even when it’s hard, even when it hurts, because that’s what family is all about.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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