Chris Cuomo Slaps Down GOP Rep Over Impeachment Spin: ‘You Can’t Say Things That Aren’t True on This Show!’


CNN’s Chris Cuomo repeatedly sparred with Republican Congressman Wayne Mullin about the House Democrats’ ongoing impeachment inquiry, at one point blasting the GOP representative for misleading partisan spin: “Congressman, you can’t say things that aren’t true on this show!”

During the nearly 12-minute long segment, Cuomo and Mullin continually talked over one another as they pushed their arguments.

Early on, Cuomo pressed to get Mullin on the record as objecting to asking a foreign power to meddle in US elections, which Mullin would only concede isn’t “kosher,” even though it is, in fact, illegal as Cuomo pointed out.

“Don’t ask a foreign power to look into your next opponent, Congressman. You’re going to be in legal jeopardy,” Cuomo noted.

“I completely agree with that and that is not what happened here,” Mullin claimed. “President Trump did not ask them to look into a political opponent, asked them to look into Hunter Biden’s…”

“That’s not what he said in the transcript,” Cuomo broke in, correcting Mullin’s false claim. “[Trump] said [Joe] Biden and his son, Biden and his son.”

Switching gears, Mullin then claimed that Hunter Biden’s dealings with the Ukrainian gas company were of public interest and should be investigated. To which, Cuomo pointed out the Republican Party’s curious timing on that view.

“It doesn’t need to be investigated,” Cuomo said. “You didn’t see any illegality at the time. You certainly didn’t have a shortage of targets.”

“Every time we try to bring it up, the Obama Administration stopped it,” Mullen claimed.

“I said when you guys were in power of the Congress, when it happened,” Cuomo noted.

“We brought it up at that time,” Mullin claimed.

“You did not. You didn’t vet it and you could have,” Cuomo shot back.

When Mullin repeated Republican objections to the lack of a full House vote validating the impeachment inquiry, Cuomo noted that the House Democrats plan on holding one on Thursday.

“When are we going to get our vote?” Mullin challenged.

“Thursday, you guys are going to get a vote. On the procedures,” Cuomo said.

“No, we’re not voting on it,” Mullin shot back, interrupting. “[Speaker] Nancy Pelosi came back out and said that’s not what we’re going to be voting on. We’re going to vote on something else.”

“I don’t know why you guys can’t just tell the truth on this, congressman,” Cuomo said, debunking Mullin’s claims that House Democrats are violating the “precedent” set during the President Bill Clinton impeachment. “Mr. Mullen, I don’t care about the vote because you don’t have to [have it],” Cuomo noted, alluding to a DC appellate court ruling last week. “Because they don’t have to do it and you people play to advantage. That’s why you changed the rules in 2015.”

“President Clinton at the time lied to a grand jury,” Mullin said moments later, as the pair continually talked over each other. “Once we proved that he had lied, then we proceeded to the impeachment inquiry vote and we set the rules at the time… The rules clearly gave minority the right to call their own witnesses…

“Congressman, you can’t say things that aren’t true on this show!” Cuomo interrupted.

“That is absolutely true,” Mullin shot back.

“The minority never had the same rights as the majority to call witnesses or subpoena and admit it,” Cuomo pointed out.

“OK,” Mullin conceded, before pivoting to: “Did Clinton — was he able to have representation during the process?”

“Yes. But after the investigatory phase!” a frustrated Cuomo said, fact-checking Mullin again.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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