Chris Wallace: Does Trump ‘Have the Stomach’ to Confront Iran?


President Donald Trump claimed Friday morning to have decided against striking Iran 10 minutes before Thursday night’s planned attacks because it wasn’t worth it. This raised a lot of questions for Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

In addition to questioning the integrity of the president’s claims, Wallace said that Thursday night’s actions raised the question, “Does the president have the stomach to get deeply involved, perhaps, in a confrontation with Iran?”

“We know there was a big National Security Council meeting with the president yesterday where they discussed all of this, and usually the Pentagon is very sophisticated in being able to say, ‘look, here are various target packages, here’s what we would hit, here’s what the collateral damage would be,” said Wallace.

Wallace added, “Any discussion of what collateral damage in terms of the deaths on the ground would be is discussed at that point before the president gives a new order as to what various targets he wants to hit.”

Wallace then questioned the president’s statement that he only learned of the number of casualties the strikes would cause ten minutes before they were to be dealt with.

“The idea that 10 minutes before the strike has the president says how many people are going to be killed if we go ahead with those strikes, that usually is discussed in depth a great deal for that,” said Wallace.

He said it seems the president “doesn’t have much of an appetite for a strike” and that it appears to be a conflict within the administration about whether or not to escalate the military situation in Iran.

Donald Trump as a candidate — and even as president — said that there was a real cost of that in terms of the U.S. Threatening to do something and not going ahead and doing it so there’s a cost to action and also a cost to inaction,” Wallace pointed out.

Watch above via Fox News.

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