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Chris Wallace Shoots Down Ed Henry’s Comparison of Pelosi to GOP Rep. Trying to Force In-Person Coronavirus Relief Vote

Fox News anchor Ed Henry tried to equate Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s negotiations on a coronavirus relief package with GOP Rep. Thomas Massie’s attempt to force in-person voting on the completed bill, but fellow anchor Chris Wallace shot him down in thorough fashion.

On Friday morning’s edition of Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, Henry discussed the potential for Massie to delay a vote on the unanimously-passed Senate bill by demanding in-person voting, and floated his comparison with Pelosi.

Noting that Massie “doesn’t have a lot of fans in either party for slowing this down,” Henry said “but at the beginning of this week, I seem to remember it was Speaker Pelosi who was trying to add on some items to this bill that frustrated people, that she was slowing the process down as well.”

“I think the two things are somewhat different, Ed,” Wallace said, then itemized at length the ways in which the two things are somewhat different.

“That was when the bill was still being negotiated in the Senate, they hadn’t written the bill yet, and the Democrats, obviously they needed their vote, they had leverage both in the Senate to get to 60 votes and to pass it at all in the House,” Wallace said. “And they wanted certain provisions and certain things did change.”

“That’s a little different than a bill that passed 96 to nothing in the Senate, that clearly has an overwhelming majority in the House, the fate of the bill is not in doubt,” Wallace continued. “And you have Thomas Massie, and I couldn’t say anything more negative about him than President Trump has already in that tweet, who is sitting there insisting let’s just go through all the parliamentary niceties of a quorum count, in other words that there is a majority of members that are present and counting, and then we’re not just going to have a voice vote, yeas or nays, we’re going to actually force everybody to come back.”

“And the two problems there and are one, you’re talking about people’s lives, the members of Congress, there are 430 members of Congress, a lot of them would have to get on planes, be in crowded areas, come back to vote, all the things that they’re not supposed to do, and also people are really counting on this money getting out, and Tom Massie isn’t going to affect the outcome of the vote, he can delay it maybe for 24 hours, but it just seems like a real waste of time,” Wallace added.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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