CNN Broadcasts Footage of Giant CNN Logo Covered in Profane Graffiti: ‘F*ck Kemp’


Among the disturbing images emerging from the nationwide unrest over the police killing of George Floyd is a surreal CNN news report on the vandalism of their own headquarters that featured a long, symbolically-charged shot of the CNN logo covered in graffiti from protesters slamming Gov. Brian Kemp and the police.

The CNN center in Atlanta was besieged Friday night, in a scene that President Donald Trump relished enough to post a tweet taunting the network. Trump retweeted an account that captioned video of the scene “In an ironic twist of fate, CNN HQ is being attacked by the very riots they promoted as noble & just.”

But on Saturday morning, CNN did not shy away from covering the aftermath. Anchor Victor Blackwell tossed to correspondent Natasha Chen outside the headquarters, and noted there were protests in twenty cities.

Chen then directed the camera to zoom in on the front of the building, warning viewers that “there is a lot of profanity” on the walls. During an extended shot of the CNN logo sculpture in front of the center, Chen noted “What we can see from what is written on the sign and the walls there’s a lot of anger towards government and towards police.”

The walls and the logo were spray-painted with slogans like “Fuck Kemp,” a reference to Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, and variations of “Fuck 12,” a slang phrase referring to police.

Chen reported that one person was taken into custody during the vandalism of the CNN center.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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