CNN’s Avlon Decries SCOTUS Gerrymandering Decision: If You Hate Partisanship, ‘Things Are About to Get Much Worse’

CNN’s John Avlon denounced the Supreme Court’s decision on partisan gerrymandering, saying “things are about to get much worse” for people concerned about partisanship.

“If you are part of the super majority of Americans who believe that partisanship and polarization is hurting our country, things are about to get much worse,” Avlon told Kate Bolduan on Thursday morning.

SCOTUS, in a 5-4 decision on ideological lines, ruled that federal courts cannot intervene to decide if an electoral map is drawn to unfairly benefit one party.

Referring to the drawing of districts, Bolduan noted, “The way they’re drawn, and the way they’re now going to continue to be drawn or more so is meaning the extremes are going to win.

“The left is going to be more left and right is going to be more right and those are the candidates that are going to win, Bolduan said.

“Voters in the middle who supposedly create the moderating effect in elections when people try to win general elections, they’re increasingly an endangered species. That’s bad for our democracy,” Avlon said.

“Democrats have tried to highlight election reform but this is a huge deal,” Avlon said. “This is going to drive our country further apart.”

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This post has been updated to correct spelling of John Avlon’s name.

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