CNN’s Bakari Sellers Calls Out Senate GOP Over ‘Selective Outrage’ and ‘Lack of Testicular Fortitude’ About Racial Injustice Protests


CNN’s Bakari Sellers called out Senate Republicans for their “selective outrage” over racial injustice and effectively challenged their manhood for failing to vocally condemn the police killing of George Floyd and other unarmed African-Americans who have died as a result of police misconduct.

Speaking with Don Lemon on Tuesday night, Sellers wasted no time in laying into President Donald Trump’s Senate allies after the CNN host brought up their notable silence amid the nationwide unrest and outrage.

“Now is not the time for supposed modesty and behind-the-scenes [action],” Lemon said, before alluding to a CNN poll that found 84% of the public feels the ongoing peaceful anti-police brutality protests are justified. “This is when you, if you can’t be out front on this and be honest about this, when you have eight and ten Americans who are supporting the peaceful protestors. Over and over. And look at the poll numbers and how people feel about this killing and they are ready to move forward and learn something about their own bias or racism. If you can’t speak out now, are you worried at about your job or you don’t have a backbone and don’t care?”

“I think what you’re seeing is a lack of testicular fortitude on behalf of many of those Senators. You’re seeing a lack of courage, a lack of character,” Sellers said, with a verbal jab aimed very much below the belt. “Character is who you are when no one is watching. The fact that these United States senators don’t have the character, backbone, or courage to speak up during this moment says a lot. And this moment will pass them by. One of the things that we — it’s a bit ironic here. Because it took seven years of this country to even say and utter ‘black lives matter.’ I have given credit to Mitt Romney. People have given credit to him. Think about the fact of where we are. Mitt Romney is light years ahead of his party simply because he uttered the word black lives matter. He didn’t put forth any policy. Any initiative. He just said that we matter.”

Sellers then zeroed in on Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), calling out the South Carolina senator’s hypocrisy for denouncing Joe Biden in late May for the Democratic nominee’s arrogant gaffe about his support from black people — for which Biden quickly apologized — but then being notably silent about the alleged murder of African-American George Floyd.

“This is the testament to who they are. I’ll give you the perfect example,” Sellers explained, before eliciting chuckles from his co-panelists for his choice of a pithy, evocative simile. “Lindsey Graham went off on Joe Biden after he made those asinine comments on Charlamagne Tha God. Since George Floyd has been murdered on the street, Lindsey Graham has been as quiet as a church mouse peeing on cotton. That’s a Southern saying, Don.”

“He hasn’t said anything, anything about the black man murdered in the street,” Sellers added. “This selective outrage of the Republican Party. And [Martin Luther] King [Jr.] said it best: ‘We will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.’ And the silence of the Republican Party during this time will forever be remembered.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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