Cuomo Goes OFF on ‘Woke Folks’ Attacking Thanksgiving: ‘Don’t Come Up at Me With All This Pilgrim Stuff’


CNN anchor and SiriusXM host Chris Cuomo went off on a rant about Thanksgiving and other occasions that have become objects of scrutiny over their problematic historical contexts.

On the latest edition of his SiriusXM show Let’s Get After It, Cuomo professed his love for the Thanksgiving holiday and railed against the “woke folks” who evaluate it and other historical celebrations within often ghastly historical context. And for good measure, Cuomo riffed much of it in the style of a beat coffeehouse poet.

Cuomo began by telling producer Vicki Vergolina that Thanksgiving is his “favorite holiday,” and added In fact, it’s really the only one I really like, I like Easter also in terms of like religious, like, that’s the one for me. I love the message of rebirth and renewal. Boy, do we need that shit.”

“Christmas doesn’t do it for me. Halloween, candy, New Year’s, depressing,” he continued.

“Isn’t that also a rebirth and renewal?” Vergolina asked.

“Well, it can be,” Cuomo said, then darkly added “But you know, it’s like one of the highest suicide points of the year. Um, you know, so that’s terrible. Right?”

Cuomo proceeded to tick through a few other holidays that didn’t quite rate, and to the sound of an imaginary slap bass and the aroma of a spiritual cigarette dangling from his lower lip, he said “This is my jam and… this is my jam!”

“And now you woke folk trying to kill it for me,” he said, and implored those folks “Listen, man, you know, don’t come up at me with all this pilgrim stuff.”

“I don’t give a damn about the pilgrims and the indigenous people, the Native Americans, the Indians, wherever, whatever, whatever group of them wants to be called,” Cuomo said. “I don’t care about any of that.”

He continued “I care about the suffrage. I care about the exploitation. But I don’t need that story for Thanksgiving. I don’t need it at all.”

Cuomo likely meant suffering, as suffrage is the right to vote.

He went on to predict that historical sensitivity could lead to the very canceling of America.

“Amerigo Vespucci was an imperfect man of his time,” he explained, and then apparently referenced the recent removal of a Thomas Jefferson statue from New York City Hall.

“The idea that Thomas Jefferson’s got to go, he owned slaves, they all owned slaves. Unless they didn’t have the money,” Cuomo said, then gave a brief explainer of Abraham Lincoln’s racist views, adding “So he’d be dead man walking today.”

He concluded by telling the “woke folks” to “Stop seeing your happiness as a function of taking someone else down.”

Listen above via SiriusXM.

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