CNN’s John Berman Alarmed That Amid Covid Surge, We ‘Haven’t Heard Trump’s Voice’ in 7 Days: ‘How Do We Know He’s OK?’


CNN anchor John Berman expressed surprise and mock concern over the fact that amid a terrifying surge of COVID-19 infections, President Donald Trump has not spoken publicly for the past seven days.

Co-anchor Alisyn Camerota opened the 2nd hour of Thursday morning’s New Day by reciting the alarming coronavirus statistics, and torpedoing Trump for failing to do anything about them.

“Overnight more than 144,000 new cases, that is the single highest total since the pandemic began, it’s the second consecutive breaking day,” Camerota said. “This morning more than 65,000 Americans are waking up in the hospital. That is more than ever before.”

She went on to ask “What is President Trump doing about all this? Nothing. He is inside the White House, he is not talking about the pandemic, there’s no national plan, he’s focused on somehow denying his defeat in the election.”

“Look, he’s not talking about anything!” Berman interjected. “We haven’t seen him in a week speaking in public. We have not heard his voice since last Thursday. Has that ever happened? Have we ever gone 7 days without hearing the voice of President Donald Trump? Why so shy all of a sudden?”

Berman went over a few other headlines, then Camerota, introducing their panel, said “I think John might have to be careful of what he wishes for, President Trump was not very helpful when he used to have those coronavirus briefings where he suggested injecting bleach.”

“Look, I’m just concerned for the guy,” Berman interrupted. “We haven’t heard his voice. How do we know he’s okay? I mean seriously, 7 days without hearing his voice, there’s a pandemic raging out of control, there’s an election that has been called that we know the outcome of, and he refuses to speak out loud, and I’m just curious why.”

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s weird,” Camerota agreed, but added “in terms of thinking that if the president were to speak out loud there would be a national Coronavirus pandemic plan? I think we have to temper our expectations on that. You know, sometimes he suggests injecting bleach, there’s been no plan though he’s promised one at different times.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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