CNN’s John Berman Mocks Trump for ‘Hiding’ Since ‘Embarrassing’ Election Defeat: ‘Where’s the President Been?’


CNN anchor John Berman mocked still-President Donald Trump for going into “hiding” after his defeat at the hands of President-elect Joe Biden, and derided co-anchor Alisyn Camerota’s suggestion that Trump is merely “plotting” his next moves.

On Wednesday morning’s edition of CNN’s New Day, Berman and Camerota noted that Trump has not appeared in public since major news outlets declared Biden the winner.

Berman, over a graphic that read “President Trump in Hiding After Election Defeat,” began by praising President-elect Biden’s handling of Trump’s refusal to concede.

“It really is notable how the president-elect has chosen to behave, how he chose to address this yesterday, because there is genuine concern, even alarm, among a lot of people about how the president is reacting, so his behavior is notable,” Berman said.

“The other thing that’s notable, and I just don’t think we can push this aside: Where has the president been?” Berman continued. “It’s been since Thursday that we’ve seen his face. So he is in some sort of hiding.”

“Or plotting,” Camerota chimed in, to protests from Berman. “I mean the other option is he’s absolute conspicuously absent for sure, for somebody who likes being on television and has done that every day of his presidency, but is it possible that he’s behind the scenes doing something other than hiding?”

“Oh he is clearly a brilliant political strategist planning these intricate moves,” Berman snarked, then added “No, I think it’s fair to ask the question about whether he’s so embarrassed and knows that he will face questions about losing an election, or forced to justify the BS lawsuits that he doesn’t have good answers for, and it really is interesting that he lacks the conviction to come out and talk about this publicly, or the energy. He either lacks the conviction or the energy.”

“He is stacking the Pentagon with his people,” Camerota said, to which Berman shot back “Is he? how do you know it’s not the chief of staff? We don’t know we haven’t seen him.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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