CNN’s John Berman Trolls Trump’s Week-Plus of Public Silence: ‘It’s 6 AM, Do You Know Where Your President Is?’


CNN anchor John Berman trolled President Donald Trump over his now 8-day public silence, telling viewers “It’s 6:05 AM here in the East, do you know where your president is?”

Trump’s absence from public view was a recurring theme on Friday morning’s edition of New Day, as Berman opened the broadcast by noting “As of this morning, we are on day eight of the president’s apparent silence strike. He has not uttered a single word in public for eight days.”

“Eight days!” he repeated for emphasis and added “Maybe it’s his way of grieving his loss, but there are other people with problems here. Namely, America. The coronavirus pandemic is out of control.”

Berman then read the latest grim coronavirus statistics: another record number of cases at over 150,000 and hospitalizations continuing to climb.

Minutes later, while setting up a Joe Johns package on Trump’s continued resistance to the reality of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, Berman snarked “So, it’s 6:05 AM in the East, do you know where your president is?”

The crack is a reference to the longrunning PSA phrase “It’s 10 PM, do you know where your children are?”

“Or more specifically, what he sounds like?” Berman continued. “It’s been 8 days since we’ve heard his voice in public. A source tells CNN he is dejected and waffling over whether to keep fighting for an election he’s already lost.”

Johns then delivered a report on Biden’s overnight projected win in Arizona, and a DHS report declaring the 2020 election the “most secure” in history.

Although he has tweeted profusely, Trump has not spoken publicly since last Thursday, and aside from a Veterans Day wreath-laying and some motorcading back and forth from his golf course in Virginia, has not been seen either.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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