Corey Lewandowski Hurls Incendiary Charge at Sanders, Warren: They Want ‘Illegal Aliens to Come Across This Border and Kill Americans’


Donald Trump’s former campaign Corey Lewandowski confirmed his reputation as a ferocious attack dog for the president, hurling a toxic, baseless charge at two of the top 2020 Democratic candidates, claiming Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren “want illegal aliens to come across this border and kill Americans.”

Lewandowski made his incendiary comments to Fox Business’ Trish Regan, who invited him on her show despite his long track record of dishonesty and outlandish claims. Notably, she did not press him on his famous confession, under oath, that he routinely lies during his media appearances.

Regan quizzed Lewandowski on his assessment of the Democratic presidential primary field and how they might stack up against his former boss. Predictably, he shifted into a series of pro-Trump talking points before blasting the Democrats — in particular, rising star Elizabeth Warren — as having no chance to defeat the president.

“I think if the Democratic party wants to get beat in the worst electoral loss since Ronald Reagan’s re-election, then they should absolutely make Elizabeth Warren their nominee,” Lewandowski said. “Look she is going to win in California, she is going to win in New York and she’s going to win in Massachusetts, but she won’t win in the middle part of America like North Dakota and South Dakota and Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, those places where people care about their jobs.”

But Lewandowski didn’t stop there.

“Don’t forget, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, they’re avowed socialists,” he continued, in the lead up to his vicious smear of the two Democrats. “They want to redistribute wealth. Anybody who’s made something successful, they want to take it away from you. They want illegals to come across the border and kill Americans. and they think that’s what America stands for? I don’t agree at all.”

“Wow,” Regan responded, abruptly looking down.

Then, letting his false claim go unchallenged, Regan swiftly changed the subject.

Watch the video above, via Fox Business Network.

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