Cory Booker Takes Blowtorch to Trump at HBCU Forum: ‘Preaching Racism From Our Highest Office’


New Jersey Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker absolutely torched President Donald Trump at an HBCU-hosted forum at which Trump was honored, ripping him for “preaching racism” and taking undeserved credit for criminal justice reform legislation.

Senator Booker appeared Saturday morning at the Second Step Presidential Justice Forum — which Senator Kamala Harris pulled out of because of Trump’s appearance there Friday — and delivered the talking-to he had promised hours earlier.

“I want to be clear, I had some prepared remarks that I have now changed because Donald Trump stood on this very stage, and I feel like I need to address it,” Booker began, and added “It was unacceptable to me that Donald Trump was given a venue, which he filled principally with people he brought instead of students from this great University, members from the broader community were not included.”

“The fact of the matter is, Donald Trump was given an award, he was given a platform, he was unchecked for close to an hour,” Booker continued. “The bipartisan Justice Center allowed came to create an illusion that he had support from HBCU’s or this community, when in fact, just as he has done to communities like this one throughout his entire professional career, he does not have the support of communities like this that he actively demeans, degrades, and disempowers.”

Booker then read off a litany of Trump offenses, including “when he took a full page add out in the New York Times calling for the execution of five innocent black teenagers,” when Trump “claimed that the first black president of the United States wasn’t born in the United States,” when Trump “blocked Muslims from entering this country,” when Trump “called majority black and brown countries shithole countries,” and similarly “called the city of Baltimore, a majority black city, a rat and rodent interfested city.”

“This is who Donald Trump is, his words show his truth,” Booker said, then derided Trump for taking credit for the First Step Act, saying “I doubt that Donald Trump could even speak specifically about what was in that bill, the one that he is taking credit for, which was actually the product of work of some good people around him, from Congress members on both sides of the aisle who work for years.”

Senator Booker then said it was “insulting” for Trump to claim he has “done more for black people than any other president in this history,” and detailed a laundry list of Trump policies that negatively impact black Americans.

“This president has been fueling racism,” Booker said, and added “He has been preaching racism from our highest office in this land as his policies are disproportionately affecting and targeting African Americans, and the reason why that’s important for this form is because one of the challenges we have with criminal justice system in America is that it is a criminal justice system that is unjust and profoundly racist in it’s impact.”

Watch Senator Booker’s full remarks above, via MSNBC.

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