WATCH: Daredevil Vicki Golden Bursts Through 13 Walls of Fire on Motorcycle, Breaks Evel Kneivel’s Record

Daredevil motocross rider Vicki Golden bursted through a record 13 gates of fire Sunday — a stunt not even Evel Kneivel himself could pull off.

Golden is a four-time X-games gold medalist motocross rider and she had to break through 13 flaming boards of wood at over 30 MPH to complete the stunt that the pioneer of motorcycle daredevil stunts, Evel Kneivel, never could. She is the first stuntwoman ever to pull off the feat.

“It’s not something you hear about every day, everyone always wants to jump as far as they can possibly go and this was just something that just felt so good that it was inspired by Evel Knievel himself that I just had to go after it,” Golden told Good Morning America Monday.

“Man I hope I don’t catch on fire,” was the thought Golden said she had racing through her mind during the stunt, followed by getting through each board one at a time.

“It sounds easy to count to 13 but not when you’re doing all that,” she said. “I totally lost track of what I was doing.”

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