Dayton Mayor Trashes Trump’s Shooting Response: His WH Remarks ‘Fell Short,’ He’s ‘Being Unhelpful’


On Tuesday, the mayor of Dayton Nan Whaley spoke to reporters for an update on the mass shooting in her city, ahead of President Trump’s scheduled visit on Wednesday. Whaley said that Trump’s remarks have been “unhelpful” and that she intends to tell him that in person.

“Look, I have no sense of what’s in President’s Trump mind at all,” said Whaley to reporters. “I can only hope that as President of the United States that he’s coming here because he wants to add value to our community, and he recognizes that that’s what our community needs. That’s all I can hope.”

Asked about whether people might protest, Whaley added that “his rhetoric has been painful for many in our community, and I think that people should stand up and say they’re not happy if they’re not happy he’s coming.”

“I’m disappointed with his remarks, I mean, I think they fall really short, he mentioned like gun issues one time,” said the Mayor of his comments on Monday.

Asked about whether she would say this to Trump personally, Whaley said she would. A reporter then asked what exactly she would be telling him. “Like how unhelpful he’s been on this,” she answered. “I mean yesterday his comments weren’t very helpful to the issue around guns.”

One reporter asked “do you think he’s coming too soon,” and Whaley said that she does her calendar and Trump does his.

MSNBC tuned in shortly after the presser began, in the clip above, and missed the first couple of questions. You can see the start of the presser here, in which the first question was not about the community but about Trump:

That very first question, shouted in less than half a second, was about Donald Trump, not the community, the shooter or the victims. It took a full minute and a half before the Mayor was asked about any of the details of the shooting in particular. It was the fifth question, and it was about whether there might have been a political motivation. It wasn’t until the twenty-first question that she was asked about visiting with the victims, about eight minutes into the presser.

Mayor Whaley said a few times she had no updated information on the investigation, though not that she had nothing to say about the shooter, the victims, or the impact.

Nevertheless, of about 27 questions, 13 were about Trump, a few about the governor, a few about mental health and guns, one about the GOP state rep who is being asked to resign, and exactly one about the victims. The president is scheduled to visit with the Mayor, as well as victims families and law enforcement on Wednesday.

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