Dayton Shooter’s Ex-Girlfriend Says He Showed Her Footage of a Mass Shooting on Their First Date


In a tell-all Medium post, Dayton shooter Connor Betts’ recent ex-girlfriend Adelia Johnson claimed he showed her a video of another mass shooting on their first date — and expressed his urges to hurt people.

“He trusted me with so much of his darkness that I forgot most of it,” Johnson, 24, explained in the stunning post detailing their relationship. The two, who met at a community college psych class, had bonded over what she described as “depression humor” and understanding, as much as they could, their mutual mental illness.

24-year-old Betts was fatally shot by police on Sunday after embarking on a shooting rampage that left at least nine dead outside a bar in Dayton, Ohio.

Johnson revealed that when the pair got drinks on their first date, Betts asked if she had seen the video of the Poway synagogue shooting, in which an anti-Semitic gunman targeted Jewish worshippers. He then pulled out his phone and showed her the video. She said she realized this was a weird activity for a first date, but “a psychology student being fascinated in the horrors of humans is not an abnormal thing.”

She continued that in spring of this year, Betts had called her drunkenly one night and said he “wanted to hurt a lot of people,” but didn’t outline any specific plans. Johnson said that she saw a number of red flags, including one instance in which Betts drove her to an ex-girlfriends’ house, where he sought to leave a threatening note.

She also revealed to NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez , in an interview that aired on Today, that Betts had taken her to a gun range while they were dating.

Another ex-girlfriend of Betts, Lyndsi Doll, gave a similar account to the Washington Post.“He would cry to me sometimes saying how he’s afraid of himself and afraid he was going to hurt someone one day. It’s haunting now.” She realized he needed professional help when he started to tell her of the “dark, evil things” he heard in his head.

A high school friend of Betts’, Will El-Fakir, told the Dayton Daily News he had cut ties with Betts five months before the shooting, after Betts held a gun to El-Fakir’s head.

Multiple former classmates claim to have reported Betts’ behavior to police. One female classmate who had been on Betts’ “rape list,” Jessica Masseth, said she handed her phone over to authorities to show the threats Betts had been sending. Betts was suspended, but soon came back to school with no warning.

“The school failed us. The police failed us. He spoke and wrote of rape, decapitation and just the total destruction of those on that list, which included me,” said Masseth in a Facebook post, according to the Daily Mail.

A fast food restaurant co-worker of Betts, Bri Monique, said he often threatened to kill people who didn’t leave tips.

So, no one in Betts’ community seemed to be terribly surprised at the news that it had been him who had killed nine people at a popular bar in their hometown of Dayton, Ohio.

Adelia Johnson said she would never know his motivation of the shooting, but it couldn’t have been a hate crime or a crime of passion. It couldn’t have been premeditated either because Betts wasn’t a thorough planner, she said. She did say that “getting shot was exactly what he wanted.” He had told her twice he had held a gun in his mouth ready to pull the trigger. She said he believed people with mental illnesses such as himself shouldn’t be allowed to own guns.

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