Defending Biden, Chris Matthews Gushes Over Obama Presidency: ‘It Was So Thrilling…I Was Thrilled…It’s Still Thrilling to Me’

Discussing the 2020 Democratic primary race MSNBC’s Chris Matthews couldn’t help wax nostalgic and gush over the presidency of Barack Obama: “It was so thrilling … I was thrilled … It’s still thrilling to me.”

Matthews’ fulsome praise came during a segment where he defended Biden and worried that the party’s progressives, like Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, were going to setting Democrats up for a reprise of its disastrous 1972 electoral defeat.

“What do I know this fight? I know what’s behind this fight. I know it is and I understand it,” Matthews said to liberal analyst Zerlina Maxwell, before launching into a long paean for the last, “thrilling” Democratic president.

“The historic nature of Barack Obama running in ‘08 and ‘12 was so dramatic, I can understand why people of color who don’t normally vote, think it’s all BS, showed up because it was so thrilling. I mean, I was thrilled. And I get thrilled thinking about what happened in ‘08. It’s still thrilling to me. It is thrilling what he said in ‘04 in Boston, Obama. But you’re not always going to have a thrilling, charismatic African American person of either gender or any background to come on and say I’m the candidate for president. Does it take that? Or can Elizabeth Warren running with say [Pete] Buttigieg or something, could they excite the inner cities, could they excite people of color to the degree you’re talking about that needs to win?”

This isn’t the first time Matthews has expressed his “thrill” over Obama. In 2008, Matthews infamously said “I felt this thrill going up my leg,” after watching Obama speak.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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