Dershowitz Throws a Hissy Fit Over Harvard Assistant Professor Who Mocked Him: ‘He Called Me a Joke’


Trump defense attorney Alan Dershowitz lashed out at Harvard law colleague who mocked his “national interest’ argument against impeachment on CNN, calling him a “coward” and dismissively noting he was an “assistant professor.”

Dershowitz’s condescending attack on Harvard’s Nikolas Bowie came on the heels of him calling out CNN for allegedly distorting his widely criticized claim that President Donald Trump could not be impeached for any actions undertaken to help his re-election. Bowie wrote a New York Times op-ed calling out the Trump impeachment defense as wrong and also appeared on CNN on Thursday morning to slam Dershowitz for “such an irresponsible and ludicrous argument.”

“It’s disgraceful what Professor Bowie said,” Dershowitz began, before launching into a long explanation of why he cited Bowie’s Times essay, even though its main thrust was to directly reject Dershowitz’s argument that abuse of power was not an impeachable offense.

Dershowitz, however, didn’t leave it there.

“He is a coward, he should’ve stuck by his guns,” Dershowitz added, not so subtly implying that Bowie’s op-ed was a hypocritical reversal of his previous position. He then archly noted that Bowie is an “assistant professor” — a position that typically does not yet have tenure — and, while angrily wagging his finger, implied Bowie was merely trying to curry favor with his superiors. “There is probably a lot of pressure on him to make sure that he’s never used in any way to help a position that the dominant members of the faculty don’t agree with,” Dershowitz said.

When CNN host Wolf Blitzer tried to defuse the situation, calling Bowie a “distinguished scholar, let’s leave it at that,” Dershowitz shot back: “I understand that, but he didn’t behave as a distinguished scholar on your show.”

This prompted Blitzer to say it was “inappropriate” to lob insults at Bowie.

A stone-faced Dershowitz fired back: “He went after me, he called me a joke, why can’t I respond?”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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