Don Lemon Reacts to Viral Video of Male Cyclist Assaulting Three Teens Posting Black Lives Matter Flyers: ‘What an Ass!’


A disturbing video went viral after it depicted a male cyclist accosting several teenagers — two boys and one girl — who were posting flyers along the Capital Crescent Trail in Bethesda, Maryland in support of Black Lives Matter and George Floyd.

NBC News interviewed the group who were posting the flyers, and did not identify them by name, but described all three as teenagers.

The video shows the man, wearing an orange bike helmet, mirrored sunglasses, a gray shirt, and black biker shorts, angrily approaching the teenage girl who had some of the flyers in her hands. As several people can be heard off camera yelling for the man to leave the girl alone, the man menacingly approaches her and then forcibly rips the flyers from her hands.

The group continues to plead with the man to “just walk away” but he curses at them, grabs his bicycle, then rams one of the male teens who was filming the encounter, and shouts at them: “Take these signs off!”

Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt in the incident, but the man’s obvious physical and verbal aggression — especially against a much smaller teenage girl — disturbed many who saw the video.

As ABC News reported, the Maryland-National Capital Park Police are looking for the suspect and have asked anyone who can help identify him to call them at 301-929-2774.

CNN’s Don Lemon showed the video on his show late on Thursday night, and clearly aghast, exclaimed “What an ass!” as the video ended and calling the man’s behavior “appalling.”

“Why is someone so angered by people putting up a flier about black people’s rights?” Lemon asked CNN legal analyst Laura Coates.

“I think it’s because people don’t realize that equality is not like pie,” replied Coates. “You don’t get less of it if I get some too. And the idea of people understanding that saying that ‘Black Lives Matter’ doesn’t mean that no one else’s lives matter.”

Coates added that if “those three words” — presumably meaning “Black Lives Matter” — “evoke that visceral reaction,” then that may explain why there is a delay in getting people to understand the “true systemic issue” of racism and police brutality.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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