Elizabeth Warren Chokes Up Talking About Conditions at Trump Migrant Detention Facility


Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren announced she will tour a migrant detention center, and got choked up while describing conditions she had seen during another visit to one of the Trump administration’s facilities.

On Tuesday night, Warren took questions at a town hall event at Miami’s Florida International University and was asked about the recent reports of deplorable conditions at Customs and Border Protection detention facilities.

A woman told Warren about conditions at the migrant detention center in Homestead, FL, and said, “I know your heart is with those children, but we need you there. We need your presence to bring the press and to bring more national attention.”

“So, I’m going to Homestead tomorrow, come with me,” Warren replied, to thunderous applause from the crowd.

When the applause died down, Warren described her own visit to detention facilities in McAllen, Texas last year.

“The one I went to, I want you all to picture this for a minute,” Warren said. “It’s like a giant Amazon warehouse, only it smells bad.”

“And I walked in and on the left are cages, maybe 10 ft wide maybe 40 ft deep, a toilet back in the corner,” Warren continued, and described “cage after cage” of men and women “so full of people couldn’t lie down, that’s how tightly packed they were.”

Warren, her voice trembling, described cages full of little girls and little boys who “had nothing. They were on a concrete floor, they had aluminum foil blankets, and they were all just sitting, no books no toys, nothing. And right in the center was a guard tower so that an adult to keep an eye on all these little girls, on all these little boys.”

“There was another cage on down that had the mama with the little babies, the mamas with the nursing babies, and I talked to them,” Warren continued. “I talked to one who said she had lived in Central America, wanted to stay there, but she gave a drink of water to a police officer, and someone spotted her, and they sent the word to the gangs that she was working with the police.”

“And when the word came back to her, she knew that meant that she and her child would be killed,” she said, “so she wrapped her baby in a blanket, and ran for the border. And kept running until she reached what she thought was a country that would provide help.”

“So this is a bad time in America’s history,” Warren said. “Our government is supposed to reflect our values, our government is supposed to keep us safe, but a government they can’t tell the difference between the threat posed by a terrorist, a criminal, and a little girl, is not a government that is keeping us safe, and it is certainly not a government that reflects our values. ”

The Massachusetts senator then talked about her plan to end private prisons, and her planned visit to Homestead, before concluding by saying “It’s a hard moment when our government authorizes something like this. It’s a hard moment in this country when the stated plan of the president of the United States is to try to inflict as much pain as possible on people who have already been through enormous pain. This is a moment not only about changing laws, not only about organizing for 2020, but about standing up for conscience. Because that’s what we do in a democracy.”

Watch the clip above, via ABC.

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