Elizabeth Warren on How to Get Men to Vote for a Woman for President: ‘Give Them A Tough Smart Woman To Vote For’


Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren earned applause at a rally for telling a supporter that the way to get men to vote for a woman to be president is to “give them a tough smart woman to vote for.”

At a town hall event in Exeter, New Hampshire Monday, a woman introduced herself as Helen Chandler of Ipswich Massachusetts, and said “My question may seem simple, but how can we get men to vote for a woman for president?”

“How about we give them a tough smart woman to vote for?” Warren said, to huge applause and at least one man thinking to himself “AKSHUALLY, it’s ‘give them a tough smart woman for whom to vote.'”

“Yeah, you know, Helen, I really do, I think that this is kind of, I get it, there are people saying nah, you know, but for me, it’s get out and talk about what you believe in and what you’re going to fight for,” Warren continued, adding “I believe in big ideas because we got big problems in this country.””

Senator Warren went on to add that “I was told what I needed to do is smile more,” and made mocking smile poses, to laughter from the audience. Warren frequently says, on the stump, that unnamed male Senate colleagues have offered her this advice.

Warren then spoke about attending the inauguration of President Donald Trump, drawing inspiration from the Women’s March that followed it, and the Blue Wave that followed that in successive elections.

Those blue waves were powered by women and voters of color, as was the popular election victory of the last woman to  run for president.

In 2016, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earned about three million more  votes than Donald Trump, but lost to Trump among men. However, Clinton won with every group of men besides white men, and won every group of women except white women. Men aren’t the problem for women running for president, majorities of white men and white women are.

Watch the clip above, via KABB Fox 29.

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