Falwell Jr. Tweets Then Deletes Attack on Preacher for Not Having Enough of ‘A Pair’ to Attack His Own Congregation


President Donald Trump and Jerry Falwell, Jr. huddle close together on stage at Liberty University in 2017.

President Donald Trump has been the featured player in a prayer controversy and Christianity clash after showing up at a church in McClean, Virginia where Pastor David Platt prayed with and for him, to the dismay of some of his less Trump-receptive congregants and the frenzy of the media. And, to the opportunistic crudeness of Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell Jr.

Falwell Jr. is, to put it absurdly mildly, a fan of Trump. Falwell’s entire media footprint is dependent on Trump, despite his famous dad and post as president of a leading protestant Christian university. He’s courted controversy constantly in his boosterism of Trump, seemingly to his own delight, and made no exception in his latest round of mixing trolling with obsequiousness.

He did, however, eventually delete it. Nevertheless, screenshots persisted.

Falwell not only attacked the preacher for speaking to his congregation like he cares about them, he did so with a crude reference. One that was no doubt deleted in the wake of everyone noticing that he was attacking a Christian preacher for speaking to his congregation and did so with a crude reference.

Although, again, deleting doesn’t stop Twitter.

For his part, in response to criticisms, Falwell Jr. made sure to quickly point out that he is not a pastor or minister of any kind and highlight his secular background, lest any think wrong about the religiosity of his person.

No, we got it. You’re not a Jesus guy. Message received. Really.

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