Former Fox Business Host Trish Regan Takes Up ‘Regular Guest’ Spot on Seb Gorka’s Radio Show


Former Fox Business host Trish Regan appears to be getting back into the media game, as a “regular guest” on conservative radio host Sebastian Gorka’s radio show.

Regan, who left Fox Business after referring to coronavirus as another “impeachment scam” trying to “destroy the president,” joined Gorka this past Friday to share the news about her new role on the radio show.

Gorka began by bragging about his connections to President Donald Trump before asking Regan if her access is better.

“I’m not going to brag, there’s a certain person who’s initials are DJT who, I have called up in the past, and he returns my calls because if you’re loyal to him he’s loyal to you,” the former Trump staffer said.

“But I just need to know, does my new regular guest Trish Regan have better access then I do, because she is now a regular, every Friday on America First,” Gorka said.

Gorka didn’t return multiple requests for comment from Mediaite about his new regular guest.

He continued, “And I have to know Trish, did you tell the president to hold his presser on the economy on Friday morning?”

As to her reply to that question, Regan’s wasn’t audible due to Gorka speaking over her.

Regan, since her exit from Fox, has been making appearances on conservative programs on Newsmax TV.

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