Former GOP Senator Urges Party to Act on Impeachment in Stinging Op-Ed: Trump Subjected Ukraine to a ‘Shakedown’

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Slade Gorton served as a Republican senator from Washington state from 1981-1987, and 1989-2001. Today he has an op-ed in the New York Times with a warning to Republicans about the impeachment inquiry.

Gorton had supported Richard Nixon’s resignation during Watergate, while serving as the state’s attorney general, and he recently gave an interview saying the House is justified in impeaching President Donald Trump.

Today he writes in the Times, “To my fellow Republicans, I give this grave and genuine warning: It’s not enough merely to dismiss the Ukraine investigation as a partisan witch hunt or to hide behind attacks against the “deep state,” or to try to find some reason to denounce every witness who steps forward, from decorated veterans to Trump megadonors.”

He implores them to “follow the facts” of the case and “if the president is innocent, use the process to surface those exculpatory facts so that Congress and the country can agree whether or not Mr. Trump should be removed from office.”

Gorton believes that based on everything he’s read, it’s clear the president of Ukraine “was subjected to a shakedown — pressured to become a foreign participant in President Trump’s re-election campaign, a violation of the law.”

“Fifty years from now, history will not accept the position that impeachment was a referendum on the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi. It must be a verdict reached on the facts,” he adds.

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