Former Hillary Adviser Says NY Times ‘Not Being Racist’ in Kamala Harris Coverage, Suggests Warren/Harris Ticket


Former Hillary Clinton adviser Philippe Reines jumped to the defense of the New York Times over their coverage of California Senator Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign, declaring the paper not racist, then suggesting Harris would make a good VP for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Supporters of Senator Harris are livid over a Times report all but declaring the candidate’s campaign dead as part of a pattern of negative coverage and erasure of a historic candidacy, and over the paper’s failure to disclose that a resignation letter highlighted in the piece was from a staffer who currently works for former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

That NY Times piece — entitled “How Kamala Harris’s Campaign Unraveled” — was a topic of discussion on Saturday morning’s Up with David Gura. During the segment, host David Gura asked Reines to weigh in on whether a Twitter critique of their segment was fair.

“The toughest question comes from a Twitter follower of mine who tweeted at me as I teased this segment saying I’m being racist by doing this, that by highlighting the story, highlighting what’s reported here, she’s being subject to a different standard than these other candidates. How do you react to that criticism, that as you look at these candidates she’s being singled out here for the dysfunction in her campaign?” Gura asked.

“Well first, you’re not being racist by covering what’s on the front page of the New York Times, I don’t think the New York times is being racist for covering the collapse of someone who at the beginning was one of the top five candidates,” Reines said, non-racistly, of a candidate who is (check notes) still one of the top five candidates.

But Reines did acknowledge bias in the coverage of Harris, saying “that’s not to excuse how Senator Harris is being covered, because she’s getting the double whammy. She’s getting covered as black and as a woman, so there’s absolutely a lot of that at play across the media.”

He defended the coverage of Harris because “there is something very unique about what’s happening to Senator Harris, she today is the person that polled the highest with the greatest success who has cratered, and I don’t think you can apply that to anyone else.”

Senator Harris peaked at about 15 percent in July, and is currently polling at 4 percent. Elizabeth Warren peaked at above 26 percent and a national lead in early October, and has sunk to 15.8 percent and third place.

He went on to say that “she’d be a great VP,” and chimed in “Warren/Harris 2020!”

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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